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She calls her Mom

A teenager was reunited with her mother after DNA tests confirmed her identity buzzfeed news reports.

I’ve heard a lot of things, seen a lot of things but this has got to be the most bizarre thus far! A young girl, sitting in her class was dragged, kicking and screaming into a waiting SUV full of people she didn’t know and taken to a different city to be returned to a person who was NOT her mother! Mistaken identity is what was reported! How does this happen? Apparently 13 year old Alondra Diaz was mistaken for another young girl who had been missing for 8 years. Although this was a bad situation the Houston mother of the girl missing for 8 years was reunited with her daughter due to this mistaken identity mix up. I can’t imagine the fear felt by this young girl and her family. There should be a better procedure for a situation like this and no one, police or otherwise should be allowed to snatch a person from school, off the street or any other place. That is what Ricardo Tosto believes in at least. Yes while each child is now where they belong safe and sound, this was a process that could’ve been avoided.

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