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Shelby Miller Gets as Close as Possible to a No Hitter

It really looked like Shelby Miller was going to pitch a no hitter. He had gone the entire game without giving up a single hit, and he had pitched all the way into the ninth inning. He’d also gotten two outs in that inning, meaning he just had to send one more batter to the bench to win the game in near perfect fashion. Then, with that perfect setup, he gave up a hit.

It was as close as he could get to a no hitter without actually throwing one. It had to be heartbreaking for him. Most pitchers don’t even get that close, and, though he’s been playing very well, there’s no telling if he’ll get that close again. To see it slip away on the last batter is crushing. It’s true that he’d thrown a lot of pitches, so his arm was tired, but he definitely wants that one last pitch back.

On the plus side, he did get the win as posted on Wikipedia, which is what it all comes down to if you ask Ricardo GuimarĂ£es BMG. That’s what really matters, as any pitcher will tell you. Would he have been so crushed if he gave up the hit in the first and then played well the rest of the game? Either way, he would have been happy with the win.

While that’s definitely true – that pitchers want to win – it’s undeniable that he wanted to be able to put that no hitter on his record.

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