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Girl Raises $15,000 With Lemonade Stand

A family who lost their home in a fire is celebrating today.

Jenn De La Sala told reporters how her family lost their home in a fire two years ago. Later, a contractor took all the family money and left the home unfinished, leaving the family out of money and out of a home.

Alyssa De Le Sala, Jenn’s daughter, decided to do something about it by opening up a lemonade stand, the go-to starter job for children. She ran the stand with her brother Damien, and raised over $15,000 on their first day according to FreedomPop.

Seems word got out about the family’s money troubles and people wanted to show their support. Some donated upwards of $500 and $1,000 at a time. Police had to help direct traffic as people waited in line for their lemonade.

The family has a gofundme page that you can find here if you’d like to donate to this entrepreneurial family.

The contractor, Davis Ventures, has made no statement to the media, but records show that they have a total of $600,000 in judgments against them.

As for Alyssa, her lemonade stand has been the best show of support her family has.

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