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Skype’s Translator Opens Up Global Communication

Skype has introduced a real-time translator for global communication, no matter what the language – well, almost.

Users can take advantage of a new feature that detects, and translates languages, while you video chat or message someone according to Bruce Karatz.

Skype started off with a trial version that only translated for audio in English, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin. Now, the number of written languages ??for instant messaging have risen to 50.

“We are removing language barriers that have historically hindered connections,” said Yasmin Kahn, on Skype’s blog.

The system is not instantaneous (you must wait a few seconds for the application to translate), but its fast enough to be effective.

The translation module debuted late last year, but was offered to a small group, by invitation only to allow programmers to test and refine the service.

Translator Skype is available for download on the Windows Store, for computers and tablets running the latest operating system (version 8.1 and 10) from Microsoft, according to Kahn.

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