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Changing religious affiliations cause problems for the GOP

The religious landscape of the US is changing, according to a new report released into the religious affiliations of the general public released by the Pew Research Center. Yahoo! explains the religious landscape of America has seena fall in the number of people around the country who identify themselves as Christian from 78 percent to around 70 percent. The Republican Party looks set to be the biggest loser in the changing culture of the US as the traditional membership of the GOP is made up of evangelical protestants and Christians from around the country.

In recent early campaigning for the 2016 Presidential race many Republican candidates have set out on a campaign trail taking in churches and meetings organized by religious groups. However, around 56 million American now class themselves as not affiliated to any religious organization, making them the second largest group in the US behind evangelicals according to Daniel Amen. The changing landscape of US religious life will force the GOP t look outside its traditional voter groups, such as white evangelicals, catholics and other protestants who voted as a majority for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

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