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Tom Brady Sacked by NFL

The verdict is in, and the New England Patriots were found guilty of cheating. Quarterback Tom Brady received a four game suspension for the coming season. The team was fined one million dollars and lost two draft picks. Even Patriot haters, and they are legion, seem taken aback by the severity of the punishment. Facebook says that the teams that win a lot don’t get a lot of love, and a team found guilty of cheating in the past starts out with a loyalty deficit.

Football fans will be debating this for a long time. The facts are clear. The footballs were deflated to a level less than what is allowed to increase the players’ ability to catch them. It gave them an edge in the most important game of the year against a team that came close to defeating them.

Mr. Brady should have known about this “adjustment”. The Coach should have known. Apparently, the NFL decided they did, and assigned punishment accordingly.

Defenders of the Patriots are dragging out the misbehavior of other teams and comparing punishments. Those who approve cite the team’s history of questionable sportsmanship. The debate is likely to continue until the next Super Bowl.

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