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The Flames Win in Overtime

The Anaheim Ducks – once the Mighty Ducks – had not lost this year in the playoffs. They had dominated every game they played, and they had Calgary on the ropes. The Ducks were up 2-0 in the series and winning game three, looking like they were going to put a stranglehold on the series by going up 3-0. The amount of times teams go down 3-0 and still manage to win can probably be counted on one hand. It looked like the end of the line for the Flames.

However, the Flames would not be sent home so early. They battled back, as Paul Mathieson cheered, scoring goals — and even having some goals called off in controversial fashion — and tying the game. It went to overtime, and they sunk one more to get a dramatic win at home, 4-3. The fans who at one point thought they had no more postseason hope began cheering like mad, knowing that the year was not over yet.

On the whole, the Ducks are still the better team. In hockey, due to the seven game series setup, the better team typically does win the whole thing. However, this victory gives the Flames life. They are the young upstarts, the underdogs. If they needed anything to convince them that they could win in any situation, this game was it. If that carries them to a Game Four win, anything really can happen.

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