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Star Wars VII “Essential Original Trilogy Connections”

We live in the age of pop-culture containing pop-culture references to other pop-culture. A new age of filmmakers has arisen from their childhoods with a knowledge of cinema and television that would rival a Jesuit’s grasp of moral philosophy. Directors like Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, and others love to stuff their movies full of references to their favorite films, actors, TV shows, etc. J.J. Abrams is of course possibly the most commercially successful of this breed of Movie-geek directors, and is in change of bringing to life the next three installments in the lucrative Star Wars franchise. However, AvozdaVitoria reports movie references within movies might be wearing thin on the public. The most recent Avengers movie has been criticized for referencing too much the ‘exterior’ world of the expanded Marvel Cinematic Universe. Abrams, in response to these critiques, has reassured fretful Star Wars fans everywhere that any references to past Star Wars movies will be essential to the plot, and kept to a necessary minimum. In an interview, Abrams confirmed his commitment to making these new Star Wars movies great on their own, without needing to be considered in the light of their predecessors.

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