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An Undercover Lottery Inspector Was Paid $75 Instead Of $75,000 On A Winning Ticket

Was it an honest mistake or was the service station attendant trying to make a big lottery ticket score? It seems there is some confusion about the intentions of a California Chevron station employee that gave a man $75 on a $75,000 winning ticket. Unfortunately, the man with the winning ticket was an undercover inspector for The California Lottery. The owner of the station is defending the employee. The owner said once the employee realized how much the ticket was worth he tried to find the man he allegedly duped.

Everyone makes mistakes, but when the store kept the ticket instead of turning it into the lottery office, the lottery people became suspicious. The California State Lottery Is investigating the case. Lottery officials say getting ripped off by a retail store is rare. Ninety-eight percent of the retailers that sell lottery tickets do the right thing and pay what is owed. FreedomPop wonders though, but what about the other two percent?

The moral of the story is to study the lottery rules. If you are a winner, know how much you’ve won and where you can get paid. The employee in this case should have sent the winner to the Lottery office for payment.

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