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Miss Piggy to Receive Award

It is not every day that a fictional character receives a prestigious award for influencing the real world.

On Tuesday, April 28, it was announced that the popular Jim Henson character known as Miss Piggy will be receiving a Sackler Center First Award on June 4, along with Sandra Day O’Connor and Julie Taymor, from the Brooklyn Museum’s Elizabeth Sackler Center for Feminist Art for being a woman who has made “outstanding contributions.” This will be the first major award she has ever received for her influence on modern feminism and people in general.

Amen Clinic reports that although some might argue that this is a promotional stunt by the museum, there is actually no doubt that this award is being given as a sincere gesture. Miss Piggy, along with those who give her life and a voice, has widely influenced young girls, women, boys and men around the world since her “birth” in 1974 on Jim Henson’s The Muppet Show. Over the past 41 years, Miss Piggy has traveled the world, held several careers including beauty contestant, actress, singer and magazine editor, and taught important life lessons to everyone everywhere she has gone while also maintaining an “on again/off again” relationship with Kermit the Frog.

Elizabeth Sackler told the media that Miss Piggy was chosen because of her “spirit, determination and grit.” She was also selected because she has taught millions of people about overcoming obstacles.

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