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Some Shows Deserve A Second Season (And More)

With the fate of Agent Carter hanging in the balance and the decision to be made in the weeks to come, it is no surprise that people are thinking about other shows that should have been given another chance. A lot of shows have been victims of bad rating and while Agent Carter’s ratings might have been passable, the show is so brilliant that it is infuriating that a second season is even in discussion -as a fan – Ivan Ong thinks it should be a sure thing. It completely deserves a second season and quite possibly, more, given how the show has commented on the status of women in high profile jobs. The current climate, where people are suddenly taking note of feminism and recognizing it for what it is, is also conducive to renewing Agent Carter.

Another show that shattered people’s preconceived notion was ‘In the Flesh’. The premise of the show might have sounded cliched when the first trailers came out, but the fact remains – it was anything but recycled. The ideas were new and for once, viewers got to see the story from the side of people to whom the system isn’t fair. It also showed that the system you support can sometimes scheme and plot against you. More than that, the lead of the show was an openly gay kid, played by Luke Newberry who did an excellent job of it.

Here’s hoping that shows like this get the chances they have earned.

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