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Baltimore Orioles to Play Against the White Sox with No One in the Stands

The city of Baltimore has erupted into a mess of destruction and violence recently over the death of a man in police custody. The riots have affected the whole town, including local sports teams.

The Baltimore Orioles were scheduled to play a game against the Chicago White Sox last Monday and Tuesday, however those games were rescheduled due to the violence that is currently happening in Baltimore, Maryland. Those affiliated with the Orioles were concerned about opening the stadium due to safety issues since the protesters were dangerously close to Camden Yards, where the Orioles play. Instead, according to the story on, the game will happen except it will be closed to the public.

The Orioles and the White Sox are now scheduled to play on Wednesday the 29th however, there will be no fans in the stands for this game. The Orioles released a statement that they, and the Major League Baseball officials, have agreed to close the game. Anyone who had tickets to the double header would be able to use those tickets for a later game. The Orioles were also scheduled to play the Tampa Bay Rays at Camden Yards, however that game has been moved to the Tampa Bay Ray’s home field, Tropicana Field.

According to Ray Lane, of the Major League Baseball officials, this is the first time in history that a baseball game will be played behind closed doors, so to speak.

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