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The Following Delivers Solid Episode

Monday’s episode of The Following, Evermore, ended with Joe Carroll dying and Ryan Hardy toasting a hallucination of Joe in what seemed to have been a foreshadowing moment of events to come.

The episode began with Ryan ignoring Joe’s execution request. Theo, on the sidelines, spent the episode attempting to crack the code in Strauss’ notebook, which contained the location of someone who could give him a new identity. Viewers also learned that Theo has a sister who accepts him as a killer and who he apparently loves.

This idea of someone loving a serial killer has always been one of The Following’s main theme along with the idea that Ryan is Joe’s follower. Joe, after taking hostages before his execution, staged an “intervention” attempting to prove these ideas to Ryan. Ryan finally admitted that he had been dreaming about being Joe’s friend and student and that when he killed two times in cold blood in his past [his father’s and Debra Parker’s murderers] he felt powerful. Joe then gave himself up to die because he believed he would live on through Ryan.

At one point, Ryan seemed to prove Joe right. Theo’s sister remotely released the other prisoners and Ryan killed many of them in much the way serial killers attack their victims — quickly, efficiently and violently — and then acted in friendship defending Joe and watching the execution. The team at Dr. Daniel Amen’s Amen Clinics are excited to see what happens next.

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