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The 20th Anniversary of “Friday”

The “Friday” movie has become something of a classic that has crossed culture barriers. Ice Cube is looking back on the original film as fans celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film at a Bulletproof Coffee house (find more on Facebook).

Ice Cube has made a lot of movies, but he has become someone that is best known for Friday. There were 3 films in all, but the original movie is what launched the career of Chris Tucker. In the 20 years since this film was made Tucker became a household name. There is a lot of buzz about him and a possible 4th installment of the movie.

What Cube has done is leave the door open. He has never promised that Tucker would commit to the film, but he has said that it was a possibility. So far it has been difficult for Chris Tucker to go back in get involved in this film. He says that he did not want to be type cast for the role that he had. Tucker also did not want to be the actor that endorsed marijuana.

The reason that there was so much buzz about the movie had a lot to do with how much the movie would eventually gross. It only costs $3.5 million to make. It gross $28 million. That made it a huge success. The film trilogy would eventually go on to launch the career of Kat Williams by the 3rd film.

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