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Attorney General Nominee May Finally Come Up for Vote

Current United States Attorney General may soon be able to pack up his boxes and leave the job he technically quit last fall. After submitted his resignation to the President last October, Eric Holder has been forced to remain in office until his replacement, United States Attorney General Designate Loretta Lynch, is confirmed by the United States Senate. It is rare for the U.S. Senate to hold up such an important cabinet post for so long but the relationship between the White House and Capitol Hill has become more bitter and far way past political. The members of congress will confirm that they have no issue with Lynch’s qualification but anything that President Obama wants from congress in the last few days of his Presidency will be at a price. Congress to Release Lynch Vote Soon

Yesterday, Lynch’s inevitable confirmation was signaled when the Congress passed the Human Trafficking Bill which was a pre requisite for the Congress to vote on the Lynch nomination. Deadline reports that Many Capitol Hill observers were surprised that Congress would take so long to replace an Attorney General that they have openly judged and disliked. Many of the same Senators that have been holding up the vote to replace Holder have been his biggest critics.

Holder is expected to take time off to be with his family before announcing his next career move. Holder was once a Federal Judge in Washington D.C. and it is expected that he will be reappointed to such a position by either President Obama before he leaves office or the President’s successor if that person is a democrat.

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