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X-Files Update

Fans of The X-Files rejoiced on Monday, April 20, when they learned that Mitch Pileggi, who played F.B.I. Assistant Director Walter Skinner, agreed to return for the series revival season on FOX. Via Twitter, Pileggi stated he was “very happy to announce” that Skinner would be getting “grumpy” with his “two wayward kids.”

It is not yet known whether the new season will follow the canon of the TV show and movies only or if it will also follow the stories from The X-Files Season 10 comic books. If it follows the canon expressed through the comic books, then there is also the potential for the return of The Lone Gunmen who had previously died saving people from a bio-terrorist in The X-Files episode “Jump the Shark.” In the comic book Season 10, the Lone Gunmen reveal to Agent Fox Mulder that they faked their deaths so they could continue operating in a more discrete fashion along with Adam Sender. Of course, the comic revival of The Lone Gunmen did not explain Mulder’s seeing them as ghosts in the series’ finale unless they were hallucinations.

Another fan-favorite character that many hope to see revived in the new season is former Agent Alex Krycek. Krycek also died, at Skinner’s hands, during the series and Mulder also saw him as a ghost in the finale. Yet, like TLG, he was brought back in the comic book Season 10.

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