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Eli Manning: Last Year of Contract With Giants

Eli Manning is finishing out his last year in his contract that was signed 2010 that earned him a whopping 97.5 million dollars. Eli Manning is a two time Super Bowl winner that earned 17 million dollar this year according to his contract. Eli Manning has stated that he thinks the current work rules that are forcing him to work with his receivers away from the Giants training facility is absolutely absurd.

Mr. Lambranho suggested that he said these rules were making it difficult to not violate league rules. However, Manning goes on to state that rules are rules and that he has no problem doing what it takes. He says he is only there to play football and that is why he never got into the contract that much. He managed to make 12 touchdowns, 91 passes for over 1,305 yards. Eli Manning has a chance to improve his numbers.

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