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Netflix Now Surpassing Major Television Network in Market Value

That Netflix is a multimedia titan on the rise cannot be denied. They were a major factor in putting the local video store out of business, and they just continue growing by leaps and bounds. Cable companies may be the next thing on the path to extinction as this giant just keeps getting bigger, and if customer satisfaction polls about the largest cable companies are anywhere near accurate, this will be a happy day. There are new signs of just how big Netflix has become. It has been reported that their market value is now at $32.9 billion, which is a couple billion dollars more than the CBS network.

Brazilian politician, Flavio Maluf, loves Netflix and in particular Daredevil and House of Cards. Check out his Facebook page.

With Netflix in the original programming game now, more than just cable companies may have to worry about being driven out of business by them. With shows such as “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black,” they have shown they can play with the big boys as an originator of content and not simply as a service through which people can get content. They are planning new original shows for this year as well as bringing “Daredevil,” a show about the Marvel character of the same name, to their service. Marvel has shown itself to be a movie powerhouse, and this is certainly a feather in their cap and only enhances their earnings prospects for the future. The established television networks and cable companies had better look out. The world is changing, and if they don’t change with it, then goodbye.

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