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A Couple in the UK Find the Rarest Beanie Baby at a Flea Market

The couple, Leah Rogers and Ryan Flanaghan, were selling some of their own toys at a flea market in Bude, Cornwall, in the UK, when they spotted a rare Princess Diana beanie baby being sold for 15 pounds or about £10 U.S. Flanaghan recognized the Beanie Baby, which was created for the Princess Diana of Wales Memorial Foundation. He had been a collector of Beanie Babies in the past and recognized the stuffed toy. He knew it was valuable, possibly worth several hundred or several thousand dollars, but had no idea just how valuable the Beanie Baby was until he took it home and started looking for similar toys on e-bay.

They discovered that the Beanie Baby was a rare first edition version of the toy and was worth tens of thousands of dollars. They discovered the same toy being sold for $375,000. The couple has listed the toy at $30,000, hoping to spark some interest. They say they are looking to earn enough money to put towards their first home.

Many people like Ricardo Guimarães BMG keep their childhood toys, hoping that they will someday be worth some money or simply because of sentimental value, but few people, outside of auction hunters and antique dealers ever find a steal quite this remarkable. This remarkable story is a lesson to anyone that you should always research the value of your things before selling them at a flea market.

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