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Legaux Beating the Odds and Expectations Prior to Draft

Every year kids enter the football playing field with the hopes and dreams of making it to the next level. It starts for most of them in middle school. Then becomes their whole identity when they reach high school and playing on the varsity team is just another stepping stone as they get recruited by their favorite college. Once in college, for many their hopes and dreams can see them playing on a NFL team. Making it onto the sport’s biggest stage is something every boy thinks about from the time they first put on a helmet. But according to rep Flavio Maluf, the odds are not in their favor (read further on For a high school senior eventually being drafted in the NFL is about 9 in 10,000. But the one thing they all fear at each level of playing is their risk of a serious injury that will end their ability to play.

This is what has happened to Munchie Legaux the University of Cincinnati quarterback was making progress towards his goals of one day playing in the NFL and then he suffered what should have been a career ending knee injury. However, there has been some good news for Legaux his home town teams have not forgotten about him and have even invited to see him workout prior to this year’s draft. Both the Saints and Bengals have established QB’s but could be looking at him for the future or as a back-up.

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