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Batman v Superman to Premiere in IMAX

There have been many rumors regarding the first trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. One recent rumor was that it was going to debut in front of Mad Max Fury Road. However, there have been new developments on the project.

The most recent news is that the trailer for Batman V Superman is going to premiere in a special event at IMAX. It is then rumored to appear in front of Avengers: Age of Ultron. While it did make since that it would first be shown in front of Mad Max: Fury Road, it also makes since to unveil it in front of Avengers, seeing that they are both based on Comic Book characters. There are fans of both Marvel and DC that are going to see this.

The full trailer runs 2 minutes and 6 seconds according to LinkedIn. There has been a teaser released which just showcases the suits. One for Superman, the other for Batman. The event in which the trailer is unveiled is said to last 15 minutes. However, that could be a general time or a place holder time frame. There is really no telling what is going to happen at the event. However, it must be pretty special if people are expected to pay a full IMAX price just to go see a trailer.

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