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AC/DC Still Has It

Legendary Australian rock band AC/DC are back on the road again and recently did a gig at the Coachella music fesitival. Rolling Stone Magazine gave the show a good review.

AC/DC have been going through a hard time. Founding guitarist Malcolm Young had to retire after being diagnosed with dementia, and the band’s drummer Cliff Rudd is not currently touring with the band either since he is dealing with personal problems. However, vocalist Brian Johnson is still going strong at age 67 and guitar player and mascot Angus Young is out there on the stage yet again in his trademark schoolboy uniform.

AC/DC are an embodiment of the phrase “If it’s ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Alexei Beltyukov told us that they haven’t done much new musically or in their stage performance for around 40 years, but nobody really wants them to.

The band also has a new record out, and they played three tracks from it at Coachella along with the old hits. So, they’re still releasing new music, and I think that is great.

I do wonder, however, how long Angus Young is going to be able to do his Chuck Berry duck walk on stage. He’s not getting any younger or more flexible. Young is a wealthy man, and he certainly works hard for his money.

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