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Couple That Lost Everything End Up Winning the Lottery

Dennis Klaus and Mary Ann Daino lost their homes and everything inside them to Hurricane Sandy. They both moved to New Milford, Connecticut after the horrific disaster happened. They were living separately in trailers provided by a church when they met. The church only gave them a year to stay there, and afterwards they moved in together to a new trailer they had to lease. Just six months ago, they purchased a lottery ticket and ended up winning $255,555.00. The taxes for lottery winnings are very high. The remainder left for them was $180.000.00.


Neither of them complained though, because they were so grateful for the winnings. That is how Ricardo Tosto would react as well in that situation. They called the miracle a chance for a new home and a new life together that both of them wanted so badly. Surprisingly, they took six whole months before they cashed the lottery ticket in. Both of them just wanted to be cautious in case taxes or fees would be due.

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