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Justin Beiber Crashes Ariana Grande’s Show

Justin Bieber continues to make it a habit of crashing Ariana Grande’s performances. Does this mean something more than just business? Last Wednesday, JB surprised everyone by coming on stage with Ariana Grande unexpectedly. This was the second time he had done this. This second performance was in Los Angeles. He ended up singing with Ariana Grande and shocked the crowd with the lovely performance. It was a small concert with only three songs but that was definitely enough with this perfect duo.

Ariana’s audience was very pleased with her performance but when Justin Bieber crashed the stage and started singing Love Me Harder with her, the crowd went insane. He then stayed on stage and sang Where Are You Now with Grande. The Los Angeles show concluded just like the Miami show did with the duo singing Justin Bieber’s, As Long As You Love Me.

Fans like Sam Tabar ( know that there was an Instagram post that made it viral of Justin Bieber closely holding Ariana Grande in his arms on stage. We wonder what Ariana’s boyfriend, Big Sean has to say about this?

Justin Bieber continues to work back up to the top of the musical industry after his unfortunate events with the law. He tweeted later that he was thankful for Ariana letting him sing with her on stage and that he is excited to get back on the road and work on his music. Ariana tweeted back that she loves him and that she is thankful for a special night. Is there something going on here or is it just friendly?

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