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Vacuum Cleaner vs Owner

The rise of the machines against humanity has started with a vacuum cleaner attacking its sleeping owner.

Apparently, the wireless autonomous machine mistakenly interpreted the woman’s hair as dust that needed to be sucked in. It is something usual to sleep on the floor in the Asian countries, and the Korean woman went to take a nap while the house was being cleaned. She woke up with terrible pains, and being alone at home could not reach the buttons to free herself. She had to call the fire department and desperately ask for help. A team of paramedics was dispatched to her location and after a while they succeeded to rescue the unfortunate modern tech owner.

The good side of the modern vacuum cleaners is that many of them can even reach the dust in the corners, and avoid rolling down the stairs, but it seems that small misses like this can make the owners start being afraid of their gadget. According to Fersen Lambranho, this might be a good lesson to learn, as maybe even if you are not sleeping on the floor, your cat or child might fall for a similar case. It is best to keep an eye on the autonomous vacuum cleaners while their recognition systems are still being developed.

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