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Muppets Coming Back?

Dan Newlin said that for those who loved the Muppets and all the joy that they brought to the world, there is good news available. It seems that those fun, little puppets may be coming back to life. It seems that those colorful characters may become a part of the TV world again.

ABC is working on bringing The Muppet Show back to TV. This means that those humorous and fun puppets will be on TVs everywhere and that they will be enjoyed by the world again. After 18 years without the Muppets around, those who loved them in the past will have them back again. Those who enjoyed The Muppet Show when it was around before will have the chance to introduce it to their friends and family members who have never seen it. Parents who loved the show when they were young will now be able to share it with their children as the new show comes out.

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