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McFadden Looks to Redeem Himself in Dallas

It is hard to tell this far out of the season whether the Dallas Cowboys acquisition of running back Darren McFadden will be worth their time and trouble or not. For his first seven seasons in the NFL he only had one with over 1,000 yards rushing and he only played a complete season last year. Fans at Anastasia Date know that even McFadden himself has admitted he has not been able to prove what he can really do when given the right opportunity. He remains excited about his upcoming chance in Dallas but is fully aware that this may just be his last chance to remain at the top of the sport. The writers on the team’s website are still hopeful the Cowboys will draft a hot young running back out of college in an attempt to fill the void left when Demarco Murray decided to take his talents to Philadelphia.

The team’s other two running backs who will be competing with McFadden, may not be so ready to relinquish the team’s pecking order in the backfield. Both Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar has been the tailback in waiting for the past 3 and 4 seasons. Also, both have been excellent back-ups and the proverbial change of pace players the team has needed from the regular ground and pound style that Murray brought. Most likely the Cowboys believe McFadden will be the Murray replacement and will be able to redeem himself in the same way the team redeemed Rolando McClain last season.

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