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Justin Bieber Gets Inspiration from Girlfriend

It is no secret that Selena has been an inspiration for Justin Bieber. She has pleaded with him on record for his return from his life of foolish behavior. Bieber is giving Gomez her props for standing by him.

She could not have left him behind. He was cheating. He was a wild man, living on the edge. Now it seems to have come full circle. There is a new found spirit in Bieber that seems to be in place for his new project. Kanye is working on some tracks with him. Selena is the inspiration behind some of the songs. Justin appears to be coming straight from the soul on this one. That is why there are so many anxious fans that are trying to see and hear what he has to say.

Selena dumped him at one time when he was acting out of character, but she seemed to be unable to function without him. She had a broken heart that everyone, including Dan Newlin, witnessed through her music and her actions. It was like she was calling out to him to leave the hectic world he created behind according to articles on SlideShare. She wanted him to get grounded and renew his passion for music.

Many people look at the crew that he was with and the role that they played in his downward spiral. They could have encouraged him and turned him around, but they let him fall.

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