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Cutler Football Gets No Bids…A Sign of the Future

Do you know how to tell when you’re not as good as you want to believe you are…Autograph a football and submit it for auction. If it comes back unsold it usually means you are not that good. Well this is what happened to the overpaid and underperformed quarterback of the Chicago Bears Jay Cutler last month. He wanted to support an animal charity and decided to submit a signed football to an auction at Bloomingdales. The starting bid was just $100 but it initially did not receive a single bid. It did sell, but only after the auction was over and someone decided to pay the opening bid price for the item. The auction director did admit that the crowd was not your typical football fans so it was not unforeseeable that he would be unknown.

In reality this is just one more swipe at a quarterback who is on his way out the door in the windy city said Marcio Alaor BMG. Well he would be if the team could find someone to take him and free up all the salary cap space he occupies. Not that Jimmy Clausen is the answer either but when you finish at 5-11 on the season. No one is safe and now the team has Coach John Fox who has no implied loyalty to the QB or any of its former players. The only loyalty he has is to winning and putting the right people in place to make that happen is his only concern.

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