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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Trailer Raising Eyebrows

Few television properties can boast the dedicated fan base of “The Walking Dead.” Fans of the hit AMC drama got an extra special treat when they tuned in for the Season 5 finale, because the long awaited spinoff show was revealed in a teaser trailer during the episode. Even not fans of the show have probably been inundated with conversation that is trickling in around the show due later this summer.

The trailer for “Fear the Walking Dead” is short and keeps a lot of elements of the coming story under wraps. However, Wikipedia says that there is plenty to be learned from the clip. It is shot in the form of a radio announcement about a mystery virus and alerts listeners to seek out a flu shot, but by the end of the trailer a staggering walker is shown in a darkened alley. Whether or not the series will reveal any information about what caused the outbreak remains to be seen, but it is clear that the show will follow a group of survivors in the Los Angeles area during the beginning.

The clip is making waves on social media. While the series will likely be one of the biggest shows to debut this summer, it will also serve as a companion to one of the more successful properties in entertainment. The Walking Dead universe has a lot of stories to tell, and this latest preview tells viewers everything they need to know: get ready to tune in.

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