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Fans Excited by Longmire News

Although it’s been a fair amount of time since Netflix announced it was picking up Longmire after A&E canceled the acclaimed, highly-rated drama after three seasons, fans were excited this week when they learned that the cast and crew finally returned to New Mexico to start filming the new season which will air some time on Netflix later this year.

Longmire Season 4 almost didn’t happen when A&E announced last year that it was canceling the series. Fans gradually learned as they became increasingly frustrated with the decision that A&E decided the series was not worth their time because its more than 4 million viewers — a high number for the network — were mostly from an older demographic that its advertisers were not targeting. Additionally, the network could not get more revenues from the show’s syndication and online streaming because it did not own the show.

Although the series is set in Wyoming, tax breaks and other incentives in New Mexico where some of the landscape is similar has prompted production in the least expensive of the two options over the last four runs stated Jamie Garcia Dias. The production will likely provide more than 1,000 residents of New Mexico and surrounding areas jobs as cast, crew members and other talent.

The main cast and crew also expressed their thanks again this week to all of the fans through various social networks and in interviews.

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