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Ukraine asks for 2018 World Cup boycott

Ukraine’s President, Petro Poroshenko has called on the allies of his nation to agree to boycott the 2018 World Cup if Russia does not pull its troops out of the Ukraine, The Guardian reports. The bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups has already been a source of great controversy with world soccer’s governing body FIFA completing a controversial report into the bidding process. Russia was awarded the right to host the 2018 World Cup by a landslide victory that saw the Russian President Vladimir Putin return to Russia before the voting process commenced.

Russian forces still remain in areas of Ukraine and have been fighting with the forces of the Ukraine in recent months. Poroshenko called for action from the allies of his country in the form of a boycott that would see major soccer playing countries like Germany, England and many other European nations miss the World Cup. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG has learned that Porosheknko claimed a Russia based World Cup was impossible when forces from the country had occupied Donetsk and forced Shaktar Donetsk to play their games on the other side ofUkraine.

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