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Batman To Appear with Suicide Squad

Next year the slate of superhero movies set to hit the big screen is set to explode yet again, and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is regularly the source of new rumors. However, the film based on the adventures of various villains pressed into government service, “Suicide Squad,” is gaining a lot of interest based on any number of potential hints. Since little is actually known about the Suicide Squad, when a new tidbit hits the airwaves fans take notice.

According to Screen Rant, Batman just might be popping up in “Suicide Squad” to help explain a bit of the story. The move is a good one for DC Comics, the source of the franchise, because it takes cues from the Marvel movie universe, which has been exceptionally successful. Even if Batman and Ben Affleck pop up for a small appearance, neatly tying the films together in a subtle manner helps drive home the shared world of the characters. Since many of the character that will be popping up in the movie about villains are not exactly well-known, having a familiar face will do a lot of good Ray Lane feels.

A lot has been written about Batman v Superman and the pressure on that film to succeed is high. With “Suicide Squad” the expectations are bit more in check, and giving the villains a chance to stretch their legs could end up being the surprise move of the year. Everyone loves a good villain.

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