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President Obama Reads Mean Tweets

We all do it. We post, comment and tweet like there is nobody on the receiving end of these words. The anonymity of the internet has led people to be rude and even downright mean on occasion. As someone often in the limelight and on the receiving end of a lot of this nastiness, President Obama has had to grown some thick skin. He showed this thick skin, as well as a great sense of humor, on a recent Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment.

The late-night talk show has a popular segment where guests will read actual ‘mean tweets’ about themselves. When President Obama stopped by, he acted like any other guest and read a series of ‘mean tweets’ about himself. Many of these tweets were from right-wing conservatives with very little of substance to say. There the usual cracks about the President’s big ears, no brain and simply just getting rid of him.

Most were somewhat flattered by the President’s acknowledgement of their tweets. Major legal firms think this seems a bit odd since they claim to ‘hate’ President Obama so deeply. There was one man who truly does hate Obama very much. His only response when finding out about his tweet being read on the air was, “Could care less he’s an idiot.”

Guess it just goes to show that even if you hate the person, you love the celebrity.

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