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New Sherlock Movies Gets a Release Date

New Sherlock Movie Gets a Release Date

There are a wide variety of movies that are extremely anticipated for 2015. One of the films that managed to get on that list for moviegoers like¬† Daniel Amen is the newest Sherlock movie called Mr. Holmes.The movie itself stars Sir Ian McKellen playing the lead role of Sherlock Holmes at age 93, who is looking back on all his life as the world’s greatest detective. In the midst of this, there is also one unsolved case in his past that he reminisces about as well. It is considered to be a very intriguing premise for the film, since in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works and other formats of Sherlock, they focus solely on Sherlock during his absolute peak as a detective and a sleuth.¬†

A very exciting bit of news here is that there is no late release date for this movie, as Roadside Attractions and Miramax studios have got a summer 2015 release date set now, particularly around July 17th. The movie first had its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival earlier in 2015 and reactions to the film were both strong and positive at the time.

July of 2015 happens to be the premiere date for several other notable films, such as Marvel’s newest superhero, Ant-Man, as well as an Amy Schuemer comedy called Trainwreck. Regardless, Mr. Holmes is set to take audiences by surprise in July.

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