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HBO Now to Launch on Apple TV

The pay TV channel HBO, creator of shows like ‘The Sopranos’, ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘True Detective’, announced today the launch OF HBO Now, a platform that will allow users to subscribe to HBO without the need to be a customer of cable service.

The expected HBO streaming service will be launched in April exclusively to Apple Inc, in time for the premiere of the acclaimed series “Game of Thrones. ”

Dan Newlin ( has heard that the service will be available for $ 14.99 and accessed by downloading the App Store application or as a channel on Apple TV.

CEO of HBO, Richard Pleper unveiled the launch at an event Apple in San Francisco.

Apple also announced a price cut for Apple TV, which will cost $ 69, just $ 30 less than its current price.

The decision to make HBO available beyond cable and satellite, where it is marketed as a high-end channel and customers pay separately ($ 15-20), was expected in the industry to respond to competing platforms like Netflix and Amazon TV.

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