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The Dorchester Collection look for future luxury expansion

Owned by the Sultan of Brunei, The Dorchester Collection has built a reputation as one of the most luxurious and high quality hotel chains in the World. Across the World the small, but growing number of hotels in The Dorchester Collection are growing to become more and more popular with those who wish to spend their time in the height of luxury where customer service is the most valued aspect of any stay. The ten hotels that are part of the chain is expected to grow to 15 and more in the coming decade to create a still small, yet expanding chain that will remain steeped i luxury and unique customer service.

Christopher Cowdray took over the role of the CEO in 2007, just after the formation of the brand and created what is now one of the most recognized and respected chains in the World. At the time The Dorchester Collection featured just five hotels, each was respected, but not recognized as being a major part of the chain it was part of. As the brand has expanded to include a further five hotels by the start of 2015, The Dorchester Collection has fought hard to create a brand and has even sold off its New York hotel as it did not fit the overall design of the brand.

The Dorchester Collection will soon feature a number of new hotels in some of the most important locations around the World. Expansion under Cowdray will not include simply placing a hotel in a city when a location becomes available, instead each hotel and location must fit in with the way the brand is seen by its customers. These decisions have seen possible future locations include New York, Shanghai and Washington DC. The way the company will expand could be seen with the purchase of the 45 Park Lane Hotel, a small luxury hotel that features a small number of rooms that fits into the customer service ethos of the company as a whole.

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