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New Albums Will Soon Be Released on Friday

For decades, new music has always been released in both the United states and the United Kingdom on Tuesdays. Known as “New Music Tuesday,” the day is about to change to Friday thanks to a decision by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

Currently, release dates vary between different countries. Imaging advantage reports that wasn’t a big deal when everything was being sold in physical form, however, now that most music sales are handled online, the varying release dates are causing some issues. The IFPI hopes that a new global release date will mean that music shows up in stores around the globe on the exact same day.

Beyond just making things simpler, a global release date is also thought to be a way to curb illegal downloads. In some cases albums are downloaded illegally in situations where the perpetrators are just trying to get access to music that is already available in another country, but not yet their own. A global release date would ensure everyone has the opportunity to purchase music legally at the same time.

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