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Should The Bucs Trade The First Overall Pick?

Everyone knows that the Bucs are on the clock, but they may be able to leverage this pick if they really want to. Marcus Mariota is the one person that the Eagles could go after. They could bring him in and make the Chip Kelly offense work perfectly without a thought. However, they would have to trade a lot of picks to get him.

If the Bucs are going to trade this pick, they need to trade to the Eagles because the Eagles will have to move the farthest to get to the first pick. They will be able to turn this one pick into a complete set of picks that will allow them to rebuild almost the entire team. CNN suggests this is something that the Bucs should consider so that they can rebuild over the next few years. All those draft picks are going to make the team much more stable over time. They will be able to find all the people they need, and they might be able to go out and sign a QB. There is no need to draft a QB unless they believe that that is the guy. Some teams get lucky and some do not. The Bucs are not usually so lucky.

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