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HBO Finally Reveals New Streaming Service


It’s been more than year since HBO announced it would offer its own online streaming service to cord-cutters. HBO informed Fersen that the service would go live with the release of the most recent season of Game of Thrones in April.

This week, HBO finally gave fans the news they have been eagerly awaiting. The new service will be called “HBO Now.” It should be available on April 12 and cost subscribers $15 per month.

Some fans who pay for Netflix for around $8 per month might find the price too high, but HBO is banking on the statements by cable subscribers who said that they would pay the same amount they currently pay for the premium channel with cable if it were offered online. Additionally, HBO is expected to partner with other companies to enhance the streaming service to make the $15 monthly more attractive. Major League Baseball Advanced Media has already partnered with HBO and Apple is rumored to be in discussions with the network.

Of course, one of the greatest benefits of a standalone HBO streaming service will be the content. HBO is focusing on adding more original content and improving existing offerings to keep viewers interested in both its cable network and HBO Now service. Ultimately, HBO knows that the real appeal of HBO Now will be the lack of any attachment to any cable companies and their high prices.

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