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Interview With GetYourWiki on The Power of Wikipedia

As the most widely used source of research and information online, I thought it’d be nice to offer some tips on contributing to the marvel that is Wikipedia. We reached out to Kevin Morrow with GetYourWiki and asked for his input here. I’ll be using these tips myself and I’d encourage you to do the same!

Basic of Wikipedia

Only a couple of websites on the internet are editable and none of them are as popular as Wikipedia. It is amazing to see how many people across the globe want to be a part of this open editable website. Wikipedia is in fact powered by MediaWiki, a free software that makes editing on it possible. This software allows anyone to edit on the website by clicking the edit button on the upper-right corner of every page.

How to Edit a Wikipedia Page

If you are someone who is interested in contributing to Wikipedia, start with the edit button. The text you want to edit will form an editable text-area. To correct a syntax error, change the word that is misspelled by hovering and clicking on the text. The “Show Preview” button will preview any changes you made. Done with editing? Simply click on the “Save This Page” button and your changes will show-up live.

Tips to Improve Your Editing Practice

The best thing to do after you publish a Wikipedia page and before hitting the ‘Save’ button is to enter a summary of the changes you made. If you have encountered a spam text on the page, an error on the link, missing section, say so on the summary box. It is also a good practice to check for minor edits or formatting corrections before the changes are made. Once you have saved the page, the changes you made will appear on Wikipedia’s ‘Recent Changes’ that lists many such edited pages every hour. The changes you made will also appear in the ‘History section’ of a particular page.

Things You Can Do With Wikipedia

With Wikipedia, you can do anything and undo any changes if needed, all in real-time. You can also access the entire logs of activities for the page. By considering the factors that can directly or indirectly impact the features and content of the page, you can eliminate confusion while editing. With a clear picture of what changes you have made and what others have made, it is easier to determine the next step/process in editing. Will you always be right about a certain topic? Not necessarily. If there are mistakes, your page will be swept away without you noticing it and any errors will be corrected by other authors. With Wikipedia, there is unlimited possibilities and you can be a part of it.

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