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Empire Song, A New Hit For The Show

Empire, which is the breakout hit show from Fox, had a great show last night. The show featured a new song, but it may just be another hit for the show. The show Empire, features Taraji P Henson, as well as Terrence Howard, & a slew of other popular cast members. Empire Music. The show has been such a big hit, and last night had many viewers, as well as last week, with over 12 million viewers. Each week, new songs are premiered on the show, which will ring in your head.

The songs featured on the show, are great potential hits, and they are original, as well as something you may want to hear on the radio according to Feegow. One song that was performed last night, “You’re So Beautiful,” was used by Jamal, who is a character in the show, in order for him to come out to the world. Jamal used a family song, which was meant to unite his family, in order to come out to the world, and let everyone know he’s gay.

The song was inspired by Gabby Sidibe, because she is extremely confident, and she basks in her beauty, although many have criticized her weight. Gabby is featured in the show, and she has a recurring role. Anyone who has not started watching Empire, should do so, even though there are only three episodes of the season left. Empire has also been renewed for a second season.

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