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Leto to Play a Muscular Joker

We all know Jared Leto is the new Joker. We know he is going to appear in a Hannibal Lector-like role in 2017’s Suicide Squad. What his take on the character is going to be like is something people are wondering about. Leto, essentially, has noted he wants the nefarious villain to be akin to an insane Shakespeare character. Now that is an interesting take!

Equally interesting, if not strange, Leto revealed he is gaining 65lbs of weight for the role. Most assumed this was an odd attempt at fattening himself up to look like a Jack Nicholson-styled Joker. Word has it (rumor, really) is that that 65lbs is not going to be fat. Leto may be packing on the muscle to play a beefed up Joker.

How is that going to play out on screen?

The Joker did get really muscled up in the comic books once. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG said he was injected with the same “venom” serum that made Bane wildly powerful. The super-strong Joker was a neat to see, but The Joker isn’t really designed to be a strong man. His diminutive skinny size means nothing. He is scary due to his brutally insane nature. Anyone unafraid of The Joker because he is thin, well, doesn’t last many issues.

How will Leto’s Joker appear on screen?

Hey, it is going to be great. Leto is a fantastic actor and he knows this is going to be a fantastic role to play. Suicide Squad is shaping up to be more anticipated that even Batman v. Superman. No matter how the Clown Prince of Crime looks, he is going to be devious and evil. After all, he is still The Joker.

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