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Pot Now Legal In Alaska

Alaska is the third state today to allow the once illegal drug to cross their borders. Alaska has just announced that pot, while once illegal, is now legal. Members of Alaska are allowed to smoke, sell, and grow the plant. However, there are a lot of restrictions says Ricardo GuimarĂ£es BMG.

There are a lot of rules that are still being hammered out.

The rules and restrictions are what will make this interesting for Alaska. People are, for example, allowed to grow six plants at a time. The rules vary for what is and is not allowed elsewhere.

One town, for example, will not allow users to bake the pot into brownies. Other places will charge a fine if users are caught with a certain amount in public. Still other places say that although it is legal at home, people will not be able to smoke the pot if it bothers their neighbors.

While it will take time to hammer out the final rules, one thing is clear: Many people support this law and approve it. It will take time to see how it will play out in one of the nation’s coldest states.

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