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Orioles Sign Everth Cabrera

For a player that was once suspended for 50 games for taking PEDs, this is a good contract for Cabrera. He has gotten a one-year contract for $2.4 million. They are taking a flyer on this guy to see if they can find a way to use his ability to hit and field. Brian says he is a very good player, but he is troubled. However, the Orioles are in need of as many people as they can find to make their team better. They had a chance of making a run last year, but they ran out of gas. They need all the depth they can get, and they need to start looking for as many pieces as they can find.

Cabrera is no longer someone that a team can build around, but he is a guy that a team can use to get to where they want to go. The Orioles can plug Cabrera into the lineup for this low price, and they will have depth that is going to make them better for the days when they really need it. This is the going to allow the Orioles to make a run at the playoffs and a title with greater depth.

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