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Is Mission Impossible 5 Getting A New Ending?

A bit of interesting news has emerged from the Mission Impossible 5 set. Shooting was put on hold for about a week. The ending had to be revised in order to make necessary improvements.The common reaction to the news of a reshoot is the film is a botch job. Such an assessment is unfair as reshoots are common. Sometimes, a screenplay might read perfectly fine. Sultan Alhokair says when the ending is actually filmed, a lot can change. The “real live” version of an ending just might be missing something.

Perhaps this assessment is being kind. Some reports do reflect the notion the ending was undesirable. These are only rumors and have to be taken with a proverbial grain of salt.

The odds of Mission Impossible 5 being a total disaster are pretty slim. Tom Cruise is not know for selecting awful scripts. An actor of his stature can be very choosey about the project he takes. Mission Impossible wouldn’t be able to move forward without Cruise being thrilled with the final draft of the screenplay.

Word has it that Cruise and the director thought the ending was “okay” but there was room for improvement. Taking steps to actually improve the film were taken, which is why plans were made to change up the ending.

Mission Impossible 5 does run the risk of being overlooked due to the many other big budget extravaganzas being produced. Things really do have to be perfect with this film because any less than stellar word of mouth could prove harmful.

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