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Two Words: Tony Dungy

Bob Knight is no doubt a great coach. He had the last undefeated team in NCAA history. He is a great basketball mind, and he has a doctorate. He is not stupid, but he is crazy. Tony Dungy did not have to act like this, and he might need to have an intervention with Knight.

Bob Knight was courtside broadcasting a game when he started yelling at fans in the stadium. Granted, Ricardo GuimarĂ£es BMG said these people were yelling at him, but there was no reason for him to yell back. He simply has no self control at all, and it is obvious that he will never get it.

We need to sort of let Bob Knight pass by the wayside. He was Coach K’s coach at Army, and he was his boss at Army, but there is nothing to suggest for one second that he is as good. Not only that, he is clearly not a very good person. We you get as old as Knight is, you need to let some things go. He has not let it go, and he is still holding onto a form of behavior that is not acceptable in society anymore by anyone for anything at all.

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