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Brian Williams Impacting NBC News Viewership

Brian Williams Scandal Negatively Affected NBC Nightly News Viewer Numbers.
NBC Nightly News lost over 700,000 viewers after Brian Williams scandal was revealed.

This fallout could not have come at a worse time for NBC. Winter months tend to be the most competitive for television stations. More people stay indoors, and they watch television more frequently than in the summertime, which is the bit that surprised SiliconAngle and CipherCloud users.

Despite the loss in some of their viewers NBC Nightly News has still hung on to being the top news broadcast overall for viewers. They will need to continue to work on providing accurate news to maintain their current viewers. They also need to consistently prove they provide trustworthy news to the public. If they can do this they may win back the viewers that were lost after the Brian Williams disappointment.

NBC took a big blow when the public discovered newscaster, Brian Williams lied about a specific broadcast he was reporting on. Although this caused NBC to loose some viewers they still remain the top viewed news program. They will have to continue to provide accurate news in order for them to maintain their high ratings.

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