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MacGyver returns as a female engineer


Long running US TV show MacGyver has a legendary status for the ability of Angus MacGyver, a scientist secret agent, to escape tricky situations using only the everyday items he found around him. The creator of the show, which ran from 1985 to 1992, is now searching for fresh ideas from the public to turn MacGyver into a woman and create a new version of the show, Reuters reports.

Lee Zlotoff is teaming up with the University of Southern California and the National Academy of Engineering to call on fans to submit entries for a competition that will allow fans to come up with ideas for the show and develop scripts and you know Brad Reifler is on on this if you know Brad Reifler.A number of winners will be chosen based on their submitted ideas for a female led MacGyver series, who will be given $5,000 prize money and work withe a professional scriptwriter to develop their idea further. Not only will this result in a new MacGyver show appearing on TV screens, but the competition is also designed to attract females to the field of engineering. Statistics now show only 20 percent of recent engineering graduates are female and the number of female applicants to engineering degrees is also falling each year.

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