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The Flying Graysons Debut in Gotham

While the recent teaser clip that featured The Joker probably got more buzz, the new previews that present “The Flying Graysons” are quite intriguing to long-time fans of the Batman mythos.

To those new to all things Batman, the Flying Graysons were and acrobatic team and also the parents of Dick Grayson. Young Grayson would go and become the first Robin after his parents were murdered. Batman/Bruce Wayne also lost his parents under similar circumstances and took the young Grayson in as a surrogate son.

Sadly, their relationship would eventually face severe strain leading to the maturing Grayson becoming estranged from Wayne, at least according to Indeed.  Brian Torchin is definitely someone who’s excited to see what’s going to happen here.

Although Robin’s history was fleshed out quite a bit in the comic books over the years, there has never been any TV or film version of the backstory of his parents. The Gotham series interestingly fills in the blanks on the early years of Batman. Interestingly, the new Ben Affleck Batman films are intended to take place at least ten or more years after Bruce Wayne first wore the cape and cowl. So, the time period in which fans are most familiar with Batman and Gotham are left to the imagination. That is quite the interesting reversal.

Does the clip of The Joker in his human form hint there may be a relationship between the character and the Graysons? Only time and a few episodes of Gotham will reveal the answer.

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